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SICO Foundation Collection


Assortment of objects and documents donated by SICO/Schock Foundation

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Eagle sculpture
One of multiple copies. Was given to employees (master jobber - anybody who bought motor oil through SICO. Smaller jobbers bought their oil through master jobbers). This one was given to Frank


award, gold frame

paper in plastic sheath

to APSCUF, April 23, 1999 from SICO foundation

Red metal, glass, black numbers with white font

Sico statement of mission, statment of values

Girl scouts, wooden, green marbled

36 years of recognition to Sico, text burned in

CITOGO and Jerry's kids 1998, black

black wood, glass topped, PA chamber of business and industry 2001

red wood, gold edge, glass topped, top 100 Central Penn Business Journal

Rollman food chopper No. 53 with plates

Vissionary society, Shippensburg Univeersity with tags for 2008, 2010, 2011

wood with gold embelleshments, SICO text

Gray porcelin with gold lettering, SICO, on both cup and coaster

Gold medal in gray case, yellow white and orange ribbon, The Eberly Medal for Philanthorpy and Volunteerism
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