50th Anniversary Calendar (2023)

To celebrate and commemorate the Mount Joy Area Historical Society’s 50th Anniversary we have developed a collectable 2023 calendar with postcard images from Mount Joy’s history. This is a limited run so be sure to get one today!

Calendars will be sold at the society, local business and the Mount Joy Chamber of Commerce, as well as online at the historical society’s website.

Carriages and Cars

This booklet discusses the progress from early roads to horses and carriages to early automobiles in Mount Joy. At one time, 33 different kinds of automobiles were sold in Mount Joy and Florin!

Fire & Water

Kevin Herr and William Hall contributed to the writing of this booklet, subtitled: A Brief History of the Mount Joy Fire Department and the Public Water Works. Edited by Vera E. Albert.

Meet Florin

Known as Springville – Spring Garden – Florin – Florin Ward of Mount Joy Borough, what locals have known as Florin has a rich history. Told her by Vera E. Albert, the book explores transportation, schools, churches, business and life in Florin.

Mount Joy Toolmakers

This journal gives the history behind the many toolmakers who had businesses in Mount Joy, including John Stamm, The Brady Family and Michael Rollman. Researched by William Neyer, Richard Martin and Ralph Snyder. Edited by Vera E. Albert.

Standing Together: Mount Joy’s Greatest Generation

With 39 candid interviews and insights from Mount Joy’s World War II veterans, this book divides those who served into their respective military classes – The Airmen, The Marines, The Sailors, The Soldiers, and The Women. Chapters also cover The Homefront and a complete Mount Joy Roster of those who served.  Interviews conducted by Vera E. Albert. Researched by Very E. Albert and Jean H. Ellis. Edited by Jean H. Ellis.

The Big Three

This booklet chronicles the history of the three main industries of Mount Joy – George Brown & Sons Cotton & Woolen Mills, Grey Iron Casting Company, and Gerberich-Payne Shoe Company.

The Last Mount Joy High School

Dedicated to Mount Joy’s now non-existent public schools, this journal recalls the history of the Mount Joy High School on Poplar Street. Written by Vera E. Albert, there are sections about sports teams and biographies of selected outstanding graduates.

The Life of K.T. Keller & Mount Joy Community Exhibits

“Local boy made good.” Kauffman Thuma Keller – better known as K.T. Keller – was born and raised in Mount Joy and later became CEO of Chrysler Corporation. This journal, written by Deborah J. Tober Heisey, highlights the man and “K.T. Keller Day,” celebrated by more than 5,000 residents in Mount Joy on September 30, 1948.

Trains & Trolleys in Mount Joy

As a follow-up to Carriages and Cars, this booklet begins with the first train arriving in Mount Joy and continues with the changes brought about by the “cut” through town. It also has two chapters on the trolley in Mount Joy.